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Supercheap homemade leave-in spray for super-soft hair

After the shower I had the problem that my hair felt like dry straw and it was impossible to comb it without going through hell. You can believe me, I tried pretty much every spray available in the supermarket or drugstore. But often those sprays just were really expensive and what is a much bigger problem they are containing silicones and parabens. While they do soften your hair, they may also clog the pores of the skin resulting in me getting a really bad acne on my back when using them. The only possibility was a homemade leave-in spray.

So, after a while I was playing with the thought to make my own leave in spray. My first idea was to use vegetable oils, to nourish the hair, but believe me don’t try that… never….never ever…. My hair was greasy as hell and I was hardly able to remove the oil. After I was successful my hair was even dryer than before.

One day after doing some research regarding using hair soaps I found the solution. After using hair soap, it is advised to rinse your hair with some kind of acid. Not the flesh-eating metal-dissolving kind of course, but some weaker organic acid diluted with water.

As a matter of fact, hair does have a natural acidic coat but soaps and shampoos usually destroy it when washing your hair. Spraying some diluted organic acid onto your hair will help restoring it.

BEWARE, don’t use an acid which is toxic or too strong, also take care for your eyes. As a general rule of thumb, if you would not feel safe to drink it don’t spray it onto your head.

As I had some home-made apple vinegar I decided to use it (which as we know is safe to drink when being diluted)

At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted my hair to smell like a salad, but I thought if I wouldn’t give it a try I would never know. To dilute it I used green tea because it contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E which should support the growth of the hair. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the smell of homemade leave-in spray is gone after 15 minutes. The vinegar seems to be good for my skin too and stopped the acne at my back.

What you need for your home-made leave-in spray:

  • 25ml Apple Vinegar (bought or home-made)
  • 75ml green tea
  • Empty Spray bottle

For the green tea I just make a normal cup with one tea bag and let it cool down. Afterwards the only thing you have to do is to put everything in the spray bottle and shake it. That’s all you need to do for your homemade leave-in spray. Easy, isn’t it?

As a small side note I also tried this recipe with lemon juice. This does also work, but the lemon juice goes bad fairly quickly. That is why I always use apple vinegar.

If you have ideas to improve this recipe, just let me know.


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