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Make your homemade Cooling Spray with only 2 ingredients


Summer is coming and days are getting hotter and hotter. On these hot days, a small refreshment can be a real pleasure. Therefore, cooling sprays are quite convenient. You can put them easily in your handbag and use them whenever you need a small refreshment.  In stores you’ll find heaps of cooling sprays with different fragrances and colors. The only problem, besides shaky ingredients and artificial fragrances, the prices of cooling sprays can be ridiculous. The good news, you can make your own homemade cooling spray with only two ingredients.


Everything you need:

  • Empty spray bottle
  • 100 ml water (filtered)
  • 10 drops of essential peppermint oil


What you have to do:

Pour everything into the spray bottle and shake it. That’s it.


The more essential peppermint oil you use, the stronger is the cooling effect. But take care, too much essential oil can irritate the skin. You can use your homemade cooling spray all over your body or just spray it on your feet to cool them down.


When making your own cooling spray you know what is inside, you reduce your waste, you will do something good for the environment and you are saving money.

Stay cool.

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