How to make your homemade textile and air freshener – reasonable and sustainable

No matter if it’s your car’s seats, your carpet, your couch, your kitchen curtains, your pet’s bed or the bathroom, there are some textiles or places in and around our house we can’t always wash when they are smelly. Therefore, we use textile or air freshener. For sure you can buy them in every supermarket, but there is a really easy, fast and cheap recipe you can do on your own. Afterwards you know what is in and you will not get any headaches from cheap artificial scents.

What you need:

200 ml water (not chlorinated)

30 ml Vodka (or any other flavourless 40% alcohol)

1 tablespoon sodium bicarbonate

10 drops of essential oils of your choice

An empty spray bottle.

Everything you have to do, is to put everything into the empty spray bottle and shake it well. Here we are – your homemade air and textile freshener.

Before you use it on delicate fabrics, try it first on a small spot, to avoid discoloration. Eventually the essential oil could cause stains on some fabrics.


Reasons for a homemade air freshener?

Less waste

Most bought air freshener are packed in aluminium cans, which you can’t reuse or refill. Furthermore, the production as well as the recycling of aluminium consume a lot of energy, which can be saved by making your own air freshener.


No artificial scents and chemicals – no headache

I know many people who are getting headaches from the cheap artificial scents, used in many air fresheners. By using only high quality essential oils for your homemade air freshener you won’t have this problem.


No toxic ingredients for you, your family and your pets

Especially when using a product, where your kids are playing or your dog is sleeping, it is important to keep those places free of toxins. By producing your own air and textile freshener you know that it is not containing any harmful ingredients.


Cheaper than the bought one

Your homemade air freshener is way cheaper than the ones from the store. While a bought one cost between NZ$ 3 and NZ$ 15, your homemade alternative will cost only around NZ$ 1.


Which essential oil is best for the homemade air freshener?

Actually, you can use every essential oil you like, because it is important that you like the smell of your homemade air freshener. But there are some essential oils which are most suitable for the homemade air or textile freshener, because of their special effects. Sometimes it depends also on the purpose you want to use the homemade air freshener. Here is a small aromatherapy excursus, for the most common essential oils.

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil is the most commonly used essential oil for air freshener. Reason for that is its antiseptic effect. Air or textile freshener containing essential lemon oil are perfect for all rooms where hygiene is extremely important, like the bathroom.  Because many common cleaners use lemon scents, the smell of lemons for most people is a sign of cleanliness.


Lavender Essential oil

As well es the lavender buds (find out more about lavender tea) essential lavender oil has a soothing and relaxing effect. If you make your air freshener with essential lavender oil it is perfect for the use in your bedroom. If you are struggling calming down in the evening, you can spray the air freshener on your pillow, to enjoy its soothing effects.


Sandalwood Essential Oil

As well as essential lavender oil, sandalwood also has relaxing effects. Therefore, it is also advisable for air or textile freshener used in your bedroom. Furthermore, its smell is well known as a natural aphrodisiac.


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