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Homemade body scrub

Buying body scrubs is a really tough matter, at least for me. Sometimes the exfoliating particles are too rough, in other products you don’t even feel the particles and if you thought you have found your perfect body scrub, you will find out that is contains microplastic and other unpleasant ingredients.  But there is no reason to be worried about the perfect body scrub, because as a matter of fact in your pantry you will find all ingredients necessary, to make body scrub perfectly tailored to your skin.

What is the reason for using body scrub?

Body scrub is a common product for your skin care. Our skin is always losing dead skin cells and renews itself in a 4-week rotation. Sometimes those dead skin cells can clog pores and might be the reason for pimples or acne. A good body scrub will physically remove those dead skin cells, treat your skin and let it look healthy and young.

Components of a skin tailored body scrub

Every body scrub consists of at least two components, the exfoliating particles and some kind of liquid or gel. The exfoliating particles will rub any dead skin cells off the skin while the purpose of the liquid is to hold the exfoliating particles together, for an easier application and to moisturize or care for the skin.

To produce your homemade body scrub you should start with the exfoliating particles and add as much liquid until the texture is convenient to use. The exact composition always depends on the ingredients used. But you will get a good sense for the amounts necessary after a few homemade body scrubs.


Most Common exfoliating particles


Sugar as an exfoliating component is perfectly suitable for dry skin. To avoid damaging your skin you should only use fine grained sugar. Rough sugar crystals can cause scratches on the skin while using your homemade body scrub.


Especially sea salt is perfectly suitable for normal to greasy skin. Against the common belief, you should never use salt as a facial scrub especially when you tend to get acne or pimples. Salt is way too aggressive for the sensitive facial skin.

Coffee ground

Coffee ground as a body scrub sounds kind of wired, but it is a secret weapon if you tend to get cellulite, because the caffeine in the coffee ground encourages the blood flow. Luckily you don’t need to use fresh coffee ground, it is better to use the used one.


Liquids for your homemade body scrub


The most common liquids for body scrubs are oils. You can use pretty much every edible oil. Most suitable are Olive oil, Coconut oil, almond oil or jojoba oil. All those oils are high quality ingredients for dry and stressed skin.



As an alternative for oils you can also use teas in your body scrub.

  • Camomile – has a strong antiphlogistic effect
  • Green tea – has an antioxidative effect
  • Mint Tea – has a refreshing effect and is perfectly suitable for the summer

When using teas, you should keep in mind to use only a small amount of liquid for your body scrub, otherwise exfoliating particles like sugar or salt will dissolve.


For the extra portion vitamins for your skin, you can also use fruits like apple puree or lemon juice. Another famous ingredient is avocado puree for dry skin.


Honey contains heaps of high quality ingredients which are important for your skin health. Furthermore, honey has an antiphlogistic effect and improves the texture of your body scrub.

Additional Ingredients for your homemade body scrub

Besides the exfoliating particles and liquids, you can add further ingredients to improve the smell or improve the effects. Especially essential oils will upgrade the smell of your homemade body scrub. You should only add a few drops of essential oil, otherwise your skin could be irritated. Some essential oils like manuka or lavender have great effects.

Some people also love to add food colouring to give the body scrub a splashy colour.


Body scrub ideas

“Sugar – Honey – Coffee ground”-scrub for dry and cellulite tending skin

“Sugar-Mint tea- Lemon essential oil”- for a refreshment in summer

“Salt – lemon juice”-scrub to renew your skin


Reasons for making your own body scrub

Less waste

Beside the packaging of the ingredients your homemade body scrub will not cause any further waste. If you want to produce more of it, you can easily store it in mason jars.

No micro plastic

The really big problem with a lot of bought body scrubs is, that they contain micro plastic as exfoliating particles. Your homemade body scrub comes only with natural ingredients, which will not harm the environment.

You can make a body scrub for your skin type and your preferences

As already mentioned, finding the right body scrub for your skin and your preferences isn’t that easy, especially when you try to avoid micro plastic in cosmetic products.

Reasonable price

For sure the price depends on which ingredients you are using, but usually your homemade skin tailored body scrub will cost less than a buck.



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