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7 reasons why you should use Aleppo Soap instead of body wash

Aleppo soap

There is one thing in my beauty routine, which is an absolute must have – my Aleppo Soap. I promise this article is no advertising for Aleppo soap, it is a product I am really convinced of, because it is able to replace at least five other products and has had wonderful effects for my skin.

What is Aleppo soap?

Aleppo Soap is a traditionally produced soap from Syria. According to the traditional recipe the soap is containing olive oil, laurel oil, water, salt and soda.

Another characteristic of Aleppo soap, is its unique shape. Somehow it looks like a brick. You need to get used to it, especially when you use the soap as a body wash substitute. There are two really good reasons for this special form. First of all, the brick shape is easier to cut without wasting soap. To understand the other reason, you need to know that the soap needs to ripe for at least 6 months in well ventilated stores. The brick form allows the producers to pile the soaps easily.


Reasons to use Aleppo Soap

1. Aleppo Soap is a fulfills many purposes.

As already mentioned Aleppo Soap is an allrounder which is able to replace many other cosmetic products on a natural way. It is like a more-in-one product. You can use Aleppo Soap as a substitute of bodywash as well as shampoo, to wash your hair or beard. Furthermore, you can use it to clean textiles like leather or brushing your teeth. Ok, to be honest, the last one I have never tried on my own, because the taste is awful.

2. Aleppo Soap keeps your skin moisturized

It doesn’t dry your skin out, even if you use it in your daily beauty routine. Furthermore Aleppo Soap is protecting the skin’s acidy coat. In addition, the laurel oil keeps the skin moisturized.

3. Less waste

Yes, this is true. While common body washes come in huge plastic containers, most retailers sell Aleppo soap unpacked. Even if you order it online, most online shops (like just wrap it in some paper. Therefore, it is good for you and the environment. People often ask how am I able to use Aleppo soap while traveling? The answer is pretty easy, I just put it into a small lunch box and if you don’t want to carry the whole block around, you can cut it into handy pieces with a sharp knife.

4. Antibacterial effects

Due to its special production process, Aleppo soap has antibacterial effects. Therefore, it is a great cleanser for your skin, especially if you tend to get acne. If you want to use Aleppo Soap for acne treatment, there are also Soaps with exfoliating particles available.

Some people even use the soap for cleaning their teeth, because Aleppo soap kills carious causing bacteria.

5. Palm oil free

A further advantage of Aleppo Soap is, that it is palm oil free. Palm oil is a cheap oil, often used in the production of cosmetics. For the production of palm oil, huge areas of rainforest are deforested, and burned down while millions of wild animals (among them the famous orang-utans) are losing their natural habitat.

6. Reasonable price

Sure, 15 NZ$ per piece of soap, doesn’t sound that cheap. But keep in mind that one Aleppo soap will last for around 2 months, even if you use it daily. You will recognize that you don’t need much of the soap. Furthermore, you have a high-quality product which is not containing any cheap filler material.


Why did I start to use Aleppo Soap?

The story how I bought my first Aleppo soap was pure coincidence. Some time ago, back in Germany, I have done some research about alternative body wash methods. Due to my allergies to some artificial scents, I am not able to use most body washes. After some research I found my solution – natural soaps. Usually I try to support local stores, so I visited our local soap shop. The problem with most of the natural soaps is, that they are often containing cheap palm oil, which I try to avoid (I will write a separate article about that topic). After a short chat with the sales lady, she showed me the Aleppo Soap aka Savon d’Alep and I thought let’s give it a try. And what should I say, I fell in love. Also, my husband, who is really picky person, is not using anything else anymore. (He probably just uses whatever is there and is happy the shower is not clogged with hundreds of bottles anymore)


Differences between Aleppo Soaps

The biggest difference between different kinds of Aleppo soaps is the amount of laurel oil. Usually the amount of laurel oil is between 2% and 40%. The higher the amount of laurel oil, the gentler the soap will be for your skin, but also the price of the soap increases with the amount of laurel oil. On the other hand, not everybody likes the smell of laurel oil. Therefore, it is advisable to start with a soap, containing less laurel oil.


Are there disadvantages of Aleppo Soap?

Unfortunately, the answer is, yes there are. The problem is, some people have an allergy against the laurel oil. So, if you have never tried Aleppo soap before, you should only buy one piece of the soap to find out if it is the right thing for your skin. Some retailers or online shops also offer smaller soaps for trying.

What are your experiences Aleppo Soap, please let me know.


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